Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview as VM in VMware vSphere 5

Today the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is launched. To install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview as VM in VMware vSphere 5, use the following steps:

1. Install VMware ESXi 5.0 patch release ESXi500-201112001. If you didn’t install the patch the following screen appears when booting the Windows 8 ISO:


Your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart

2. When the patch is installed, create a new VM and choose the following settings:

1. Choose custom2. Enter VM Name
3. Select datastore4. Virtual Machine Version 8
5. Choose Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit6. Select the amount of processor and cores needed
7. Enter memory8. Select E1000 network adapter
9. Select default SCSI controller10. Create New disk
11. Enter the desired disk size (default)12 Select controller
13. Finish

3. Edit the VM configuration and change the following settings:

Enable 3D graphicsChoose the Windows 8 ISO to boot from
Select as guest OS “Microsoft Windows 8 Server (64-bit)”

4. Boot the VM and install Windows 8

Now you’re able to install Windows 8 as VM in VMware vSphere 5.


More information can be found here.


Updated: March 8 2012, Removed typos in blog.




5 thoughts on “Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview as VM in VMware vSphere 5

  1. I installed Windows 8 CP on VMWare Workstation 8 and my network is not working. How do I use the e1000 driver on it?

  2. @Ivo I did select Windows 7 as OS – still no network. How do I select e1000 driver in VMWare Workstation as opposed to vSphere

  3. Solved the problem by adding the following line in the .vmx configuration file.
    ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”

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