Passed the VCP4 exam


Yesterday i did the VCP4 exam and passed with a score of 475.  The exam has 85 questions and for a non English speaker you get 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing score is 300 out of 500. The exam has 90 multiple choice/selects questions. The exam is harder than the VCP3 exam, but with proper preparation and experience it’s not that hard.

To prepare the exam i used the list in my previous blog “Resources to prepare for VMware Certified Professional (VCP4) on vSphere 4”article  and i attended the “What’s new” partner training.

Now i can call myself  VCP2, VCP3 and VCP4 certified. The next step is the “VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)” certification. The VCDX is only on VI3 on the moment. I will wait till the VCDX includes vSphere support. Maybe the Master VCP is released in the meantime. We will see.

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  1. Hi Alan,
    I had questions on the VMware Configuration Maximums, Storage, VMware Clusters, troubleshooting VMs etc. A lot of areas in the blueprint are asked.

  2. Congrats Ivo,

    That’s excelent score. I’m going to attend my class in 2 weeks, then my preparation will begin. I hope to pass with good score too…-:)

    Having small home lab and working with vSpere at work, I’m starting to “feel and getting some experiences.


  3. @Vladan

    I am preparing for VCP4, Could you please let me know how you have made the home lab. I am not having any lab or server at work with VMWare.

    Your help will be much appreciated. Looking for some test dumbs too.



  4. I passed the exam with the score 494 out of 500. I personally think the exam is not hard.Just have to prepare it thats all. of course, I need to have working experience before taking the exam. Email me your questions I can give you some tips =).

  5. Passed VCP4 with a low score, but was over confident that I can take the 2nd free test within 31st dec!!

    85 Questions and approx 2 hrs of time.


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