VMware VCAP-DCA exam command-line cheat sheet

While preparing for the VMware Certified Advanced Professional Datacenter Administration (VCAP-DCA) exam (VDCA410) I created command-line cheat sheet. It can be hard to memorize all the commands, switches and settings. Knowing and get familiar with these commands can save a lot of valuable time at the VMware VCAP-DCA exam. Almost all the commands have useful examples.

The document has the following sections:

Unix commands such as man, ls, cd, watch, pwd, find, vi, nano, cat, grep, more, tail, less, df, vdf and ps

ESXi command line commands (vCLI, Local console using esxcfg, vMa using vicfg and PowerCLI)

vMA commands (vifp and vifp-target)

vSphere (v)CLI commands such as  vicfg-hostops, vicfg-cfgbackup, vmkfstools, vifs, svmotion, vmware-cmd, vicfg-mpath, vicfg-mpath35, vicfg-vmknic, vicfg-vswitch, net-dvs, vicfg-snmp, vicfg-volume, vicf-advcfg, vicfg-module, esxtop / resxtop, vscsistats, esxcli, vicfg-scsidevs , vmware-umds, vicfg-syslog, vilogger, vicfg-dns, vicfg-nics, vicfg-ntp, vicfg-route, vicfg-iscsi, vmkiscsi-tool, vmkping, vicfg-nas, vicfg-rescan, vicfg-scsidevs, vicfg-firewall, vm-support, vihostupdate, vihostupdate35 and vicfg-user

High Availability (HA) attributes such as das.slotcpuinmhz, das.slotmeminmb, das.usedefaultisolationaddress, das.failuredetectiontime etc.

Basic PowerCLI commands such as set-­ExecutionPolicy, add-PSSnapin
VMware.VimAutomation.Core, connect-viserver, get-command, get-member, get-help etc.

If you spot any additions, updates or missing things, please let me know! 

The PDF “VMware VCAP-DCA exam command-line cheat sheet v1.0” can be downloaded here.

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