Implementing vSphere Data Protection (VDP) tips

vSphere Data Protection (VDP) is replacing VMware Data Recovery (vDR). VDP is a more robust product based on the EMC Avamar product.

Here are some VDP implementing tips:

  • Each vCenter server can support up to 10 VDP appiances
  • Each VDP appliance supports up to 100 VMs
  • VDP stores deduplicated data on the   0.5,1 or 2 TB datastores.
  • It is not possible to use CIFS or NFS shares directly from the VDP appliance.
  • VDP comes in 3 different OVA sizes 0,5TB, 1TB and 2TB.  Amount of disk space needed:
OVA Size (TB)Disk Space Required (GB)
11600 (1,57 TB)
23100 (3,02 TB)
  • It is not possible to expand the VDP destination datastore
  • VDP is managed by the vSphere Web client
  • At least one vCenter 5.1 server is required 
  • VDP is included in vSphere 5.1 Essentials Plus and higher
  • To configure the VDP appliance use the following URL: https://ip appliance:8543/vdp-configure/
  • The default username is root and the password is changeme
  • For the VDP vCenter registration use formats as in the screenshot:


  • After the VDP is configured the following URL can be used to do some configuration and maintenance:  https://<ip address of VDP appliance>:8543/vdp-configure/


  • VDP supports up to 8 simultaneously backups of 8 VMs
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