2012 blog statistics overview

As the year 2012 is almost over, I like to thank everyone for supporting my blog! It was a good year. Google Analytics collected in 2012 the following statistics:

  • 217,650 visitors
  • 159,187 unique visitors
  • 345,650 pageviews
  • The busiest day was on  march 1,  2494 visitors
  • The most visitors came from the United States, followed by Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands
  • Average page visit duration was 01 minute and 21 seconds
  • The top browsers  used are: Firebox (32%) followed by Internet Explorer (30%) and Chrome (28%)
  • The top Operating Systems used are: Windows (85%), Macintosh (14%) and Linux (4%)

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and great 2013! See you next year!

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