Test your ESXi network resiliency with ESXCLI

After configuring the network portion for your ESXi servers you need to test if the redundancy is working as accepted. From the ESXi layer you can bringing down/up one or more uplinks to test the network resilience. No longer you need to pull out the UTP cables. Since ESXi5 this can be done by using the esxcli network nic down/up command.

First log in to ESXi using for example using Tech Support Mode

  • Get a overview of the installed vmnics

esxcli network nic list

  • Bring a vmnic down

esxcli network nic down –n <vmnicNumber>

  • Bring a vmnic up

esxcli network nic up –n <vmnicNumber>

Only auto-negotiation 10Mb/100Mb/1000Mb/10000Mb speeds vmnics are supported. FlexNics with different speed are not supported.s

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