Instant VMware View Virtualization How-to eBook available

The “Instant VMware View Virtualization How-to”  is an eBook with practical, step-by-step instructions and explanations for some important and useful tasks based on VMware Horizon View. It is written by Ramesh Geddam and Prasenjit Sarkar.


The eBook contains the following chapters:

  • Instant VMware View Virtualization How-to
  • Deploying VMware View on Windows 8 (Advanced)
  • Integrating ThinApp with VMware View (Advanced)
  • Using storage acceleration in VMware View (Advanced)
  • Using space-efficient sparse disks (Advanced)
  • Exploring SSO using VMware View (Advanced)
  • Managing replica disks (Advanced)
  • Using vCenter Operations Manager for VMware View (Advanced)
  • Tuning and optimizing PCoIP performance (Advanced)
  • Managing profiles and users (Simple)
  • Implementing USB redirections (Advanced)
  • Implementing ThinPrints (Simple)
  • Using View Client on Android, iOS, and Linux (Advanced)
  • Selecting the best Thin Client devices (Basic)
  • Upgrading View (Basic)
  • Performing Recompose, Refresh, and Rebalance (Advanced)

It it a practical How-to for some basic and advanced VMware Horizon View tasks. The book contains 58 pages and costs €5.94. More information about the eBook can be found here.

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