Display VMware Horizon View Pool information using PowerCLI

For a VMware View Horizon Healthcheck I needed to display all VMware View Pools created and export some settings for documentation. The easiest way to do this is using View PowerCLI on a VMware View Connection server.

Here are some examples to use:

Display all the pools and settings: get-pool

Display the pools with selected fields in table form:

Get-pool | select DisplayName,Pool_ID,Enabled,MinimumCount,MaximumCount,HeadroomCount,Persistence,Pooltype,Protocol | FT -AutoSize


Display the some fields in table form and export the pool information to a a text file:

get-pool | select DisplayName,Pool_ID,Enabled,MinimumCount,MaximumCount,HeadroomCount,Persistence,Pooltype,Protocol | FT -AutoSize | out-file c:\temp\pools.txt

The get-pool commands does not export all the settings that can be provided in a VMware View pool.

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