Update the vCenter inventory in vCAC manually

When creating a new template in vCenter and want to use the new created template in a blueprint, the blueprint will not list the template because the vCenter inventory isn’t updated in vCAC. By default vCAC will update the vCenter inventory once a day. To manually update the vCenter inventory in vCAC 6.x use the following steps:

  • Login the vCloud Automation Center console
  • Select the Infrastructure tab
  • Select Compute Resources
  • Select the Compute Resource you want to update. In this example it’s “cluster-01”
  • Select “Data Collection”


  • Click on the “Request Now” button in the Inventory field update the vCenter inventory.
  • Wait till the vCAC page refeshes and check the last completed and status field to be sure that the refresh succeeded.


  • Creating a new blueprint will list the new created template in vCenter

2 thoughts on “Update the vCenter inventory in vCAC manually”

  1. I am not able to see my templates while creating the blueprint. CAn you please help me out my issue

  2. there is no inventory available after click on request now button. while creating the blueprint there is no template . can anybody help me to resolve this .. but i can able to see the resources availability in my computer resources ..

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