Update the vCenter inventory in vCAC manually

When creating a new template in vCenter and want to use the new created template in a blueprint, the blueprint will not list the template because the vCenter inventory isn’t updated in vCAC. By default vCAC will update the vCenter inventory once a day. To manually update the vCenter inventory in vCAC 6.x use the following steps:

  • Login the vCloud Automation Center console
  • Select the Infrastructure tab
  • Select Compute Resources
  • Select the Compute Resource you want to update. In this example it’s “cluster-01”
  • Select “Data Collection”


  • Click on the “Request Now” button in the Inventory field update the vCenter inventory.
  • Wait till the vCAC page refeshes and check the last completed and status field to be sure that the refresh succeeded.


  • Creating a new blueprint will list the new created template in vCenter
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