SCVMM library is unable to refesh a file because it is in use

In the jobs window in the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) console , the following warning appeared:

Warning (10803)
Unable to refresh
\\server\share\ISO\Windows2012 R2\SW_DVD5_Windows_Svr_Std_and_DataCtr_2012_R2_64Bit_English_Core_MLF_X19-05182.ISO because the file is in use by another process.

Recommended Action
Wait for the next automatic library refresh, or manually refresh the library share after the process completes.


The warning means that the ISO file is in use by one or more VM’s. To find the VM’s that are using the ISO file I created the following PowerShell script:

Import-module VirtualMachineManager
Get-SCVMMServer -ComputerName VMMSERVER
Get-SCVirtualMachine | Get-SCVirtualDVDDrive | Where-Object {$_.Connection -eq "ISOImage"} | Select Name, Connection, ISO

The script displays all the VMs that have an ISO file attached. The script is tested against a SCVMM 2012 R2 server.


After changing the VMs Virtual DVD drive to “No media” the hourly (default) refresh of the library went without a warning.


2 thoughts on “SCVMM library is unable to refesh a file because it is in use”

  1. This does not work try this as it will work.

    PS C:\Users\jjones> Get-SCVirtualMachine -VMMServer “yourscvmmserver.yourcompany.local” | Get-SCVirtualDVDDrive | Where -Object {$_.Connection -eq “ISOImage”} | Select Name, Connection, ISO

  2. This all can be avoided if you run it from the VMM server ;
    Get-SCVirtualDVDDrive -All | Where-Object {$_.connection -notlike “” -and $_.ISO -notlike “”} | Select Name, ISO

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