VMware Horizon View Agent installation order

When configuring a Windows VDI desktop or RDSH session with Horizon View, different software components must be installed such as the VMware Tools and the VMware Horizon View Agent. When using User Environment Manager and App Volumes they require an agent too. All these software components must be installed in the correct order in the master/golden image to prevent problems such as  for example a black screen when connecting to a Windows VDI desktop using the PCoIP protocol.

The following order can be used with a clean installation:

  1. VMware Tools (*1)
  2. VMware Horizon View Agent
  3. View Agent Direct-Connection
  4. VMware User Environment (UEM) agent
  5. VMware App Volumes (Agent) (*2)
  6. NVIDIA drivers (*3)

Uninstall order:

  1. NVIDIA drivers and reboot
  2. VMware App Volumes agent and reboot
  3. VMware UEM agent and reboot
  4. VMware Horizon Agents and reboot
  5. VMware Tools and reboot

(*1) The NSX File and Network Introspection drivers are not installed by default.

(*2) In App Volumes 2.9 and later you can install the agent in any order.

(*3) When using NVIDIA GPUs

When upgrading VMware tools I always uninstall and reinstall the agents in the order as mentioned .

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  1. Hi Ivo,

    Thanks for the information. With the latest VMware Tools (the ESXi independent version), I install VMware Tools without de svga driver, as I found out that the PCOIP component doesn’t get installaed correctly when the Tools are installed with the svga driver.

    Kind regards,


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