Disable Virtual SAN health check alarms

When using PCIE/NVMe SSDs in the capacity layer of Virtual SAN, the SSDs are generating a warning for the “Hardware Compatibility – SCSI Controller on Virtual SAN HCL” health check, even when the devices are on the Virtual SAN HCL.


The “Hardware Compatibility – SCSI Controller on Virtual SAN HCL” health check cannot detect the PCIE/NVMe SSDs because they do not use standard I/O controllers.

To disable the HCL health check alarm use these simple steps:

  • In the vCenter Web Client top level, navigate to Manage and select “Alarm Definitions
  • Navigate to the alarm and select Edit


  • Deselect the “Enable this alarm” checkbox and click on Finish


Another use case is to disable the HCL health check(s) in non-production lab environments that use Virtual SAN with hardware that is not certified.

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