Fix orphaned vSAN objects

In the vSphere Web client an orphaned vSAN object was listed named:


From the vSphere Web Client you cannot manage orphaned vSAN objects . To check and fix orphaned vSAN objects, the Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) is needed.  The ‘vsan.check_state’ command checks if VMs and Virtual SAN objects are valid and accessible.

After logging in the RVC rvc administrator@vSphere.local@localhost, execute the vsan.check_state -r command at the cluster level:

/localhost/dc-beerens-01/computers/CL-01/vsan.check_state -r

The “-r” parameter refreshes the VMX and registers the VMs.

After running the vsan.check_state -r command, the vSAN object is listed as VM back again in the vSphere Web Client.