Export VMware Horizon pool settings

I created a simple PowerShell script that exports all the pool settings on a Horizon Connection Server and saves them in a separate JSON file. To run this script follow the requirements below:

  • Download the Export-pools.ps1 script from my GitHub page.
  • Edit the script script and enter the correct file location in the ‘$fileloc’ variable. The default file location is c:\temp
  • Download the VMware.Hv.Helper module (link )
  • Copy the VMware.Hv.Helper module to the module location. Use the ‘$env:PSModulePath’ PowerShell command to list the module path(s)
  • Run the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ script in PowerShell

After the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ scrript has run all the pool settings are exported to a JSON file.

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