Check the hardware acceleration settings in you're VDI environment

When having for example Windows 10 VDIs it important to know the hardware acceleration setting of you’re applications. When there isn’t a GPU (such as NVIDIA M10 or a NVIDIA Tesla T4) installed and hardware acceleration is enabled in the application this can introduce strange problems such as black screens and performance issues.

When no GPU is installed: disable hardware acceleration and when a GPU is installed: enable the hardware acceleration in the application.

I created a script to check the GPU hardware acceleration registry keys for the following applications: – Office 2016/365 (For Office 2013 and 2019 you need to change the script)
– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Internet Explorer 11
– Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

If you have other applications to check let me know. The script can be found on my GitHub page found here .

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