Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) learning resources

As an End User Computing (EUC) consultant I’m looking for a couple of weeks into Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). My first step was to take the on-line course “Zero to Hero with Windows Virtual Desktop WVD” from Travis Roberts. I can highly recommend this course to everyone who is starting with Microsoft WVD.

Here’s a list of useful resources I discovered during my journey (this list will be updated frequently).


Website Description
Microsoft WVD website The official Microsoft WVD Website
WVD UserVoice Helping improve Windows Virtual Desktop
WVD Tech Community Windows Virtual Desktop discussion forum
What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop The latest new enhancements in WVD
Christiaan Brinkhoff blog Microsoft WVD Evangelist with great content

Community / User Groups

Website Description
WVD Community site A single place where you can go to learn about everything related to Windows Virtual Desktop.
WVD Dutch User group YouTube Dutch WVD User group
WVD Dutch User Group meetings YouTube WVD Dutch User Group recordings
Slack WVD Community Slack WVD Community


Website Description
WVDAdmin Marcel Meurer created an additional tool to manage WVD
Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator Your tool to estimate the quality of the experience your users will receive when connecting to Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows WVD desktop clients Windows WVD desktop clients
MSIX app attach Azure portal integration public preview MSIX app attach Azure portal integration public preview
WVD Optimization tool WVD Optimization tool
Az Mask This is a browser extension that will mask GUIDs (such as Subscription IDs), email addresses, keys, and connection strings with a blur. Very useful for presentations.
Auto Start/Stop script  This script is intended to automatically start and stop session hosts in a Windows Virtual Desktop
host pool based on the number of users


Website Description
MicroCloud How to – Add a Dutch language pack to WVD
Sander Rozemuller blog A lot of WVD automation examples
Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart The WVD QuickStart solution simplifies and automates the WVD deployment process leveraging the power of Azure DevOps
Rudlintech Ltd. Windows Virtual Desktop imaging using Azure Devops CI/CD, Packer and PowerShell


Training / YouTube Channels

Website Description
Azure Academy Azure Academy channel
Travis Roberts Travis Roberts YouTube channel
Zero to Hero with Windows Virtual Desktop WVD WVD training
WVD Workshop Micha Wets Microsoft & Cloud-Architect WVD Workshop
WVD on sizing and licensing Wayne Chapin explains WVD on sizing and licensing.
Dutch WVD YouTube channel Dutch WVD YouTube chanel
Christiaan Brinkhoff YouTube Channel Christiaan Brinkhoff YouTube Channel with a lot of WVD information


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