Quick Tip – Download the Azure Virtual Desktop RDPW files

Sometimes you need the RDPW files when having for example remote apps listed in a central portal application integration. Here is a quick tip on how to download the Azure Virtual Desktop RDPW files for desktops and remote apps.

1. Log in using the AVD WebClient using the following URL: https://client.wvd.microsoft.com/arm/webclient/index.html

2. In the right corner click on the Settings wheel

3. Select in “Resources Launch Method” section for “Download the rdp file”

4. Close the screen by clicking on the X mark

5. Click on the remote app or desktop to download the RDPW file


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Download the Azure Virtual Desktop RDPW files”

  1. Hello!
    Thank you for writing up how to download the connection as an *.rdpw file. This part wasn’t mysterious for me, but making actual USE of that file – now that’s less clear to me. Might be worth following up your original post with ‘So, this is what you can actually do with this file or its contents’.

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