The latest technology news week 23-2023

Here’s the weekly latest technology news from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, and VMware. The main focus is based on Cloud and End User Computing (EUC) technology.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

  • Nerdio Modeler for Azure Virtual Desktop. Modeler prompts for a handful of inputs and produces an easy-to-understand cost analysis, including auto-scale savings. You can now estimate precisely how much your AVD environment will cost in total and per-user instead of waiting for the Azure bill. Link
  • Remote Desktop Client 1.2.4331. A new Remote Desktop Client is released with improvements and fixes. Link
  • How to Manage Windows 10 & Windows 11 Multi-session Hosts Using Microsoft Intune. Link
  • AVD – SSO and Passwordless Authentication. At the moment AVD requires multiple login prompts. Microsoft has in preview Single Sign-On. This blog explains how to configure the SSO feature. Link

Windows 365

  • How to configure Windows 365 boot. Link
  • What’s new in Windows 365 Enterprise? The latest enhancements of Windows 365. Link
  • Introducing Windows 365 frontline. Link


  • Windows Defender for servers. It is now possible to onboard servers (Windows and Linux) to Defender for Servers without Arc. Link
  • New Azure Landing Zone Terraform module. We have adopted a more modular approach and we hope we have addressed key tasks, such as the ability to fully customize the management group hierarchy. Link
  • Azure Enterprise Scale whats new? See the monthly updates of the Enterprise Scale/Azure Landing Zones. Link
  • Deploy (Azure) Network-as-Code as a champ. Link


  • The Antivirus and folder exclusions are modified for FSLogix containers. There is no need to exclude the drivers and executables anymore (*.sys and *.exe). Link


  • VMware vSphere Certificate Management document. This document explains the different VMCA certificate management modes. Link
  • VMware Horizon Deployment Guide for Healthcare. This document describes testing configurations and best practices for integrating VMware Horizon with a variety of healthcare software products. Link
  • VMware Horizon on Azure VMware Solution (AVS) installation. Link
  • vExpert 2023 Second Half Apps Are Open. Link


  • NetScaler Automation Toolkit. NetScaler Automation Toolkit contains all the NetScaler tools to be used for making NetScaler part of DevOps and automation pipelines. Link


  • KeePass 2.54 released. Fixes a bug that leaked the cleartext master password. Link
  • How to launch the command prompt and PowerShell from MS Paint. Link
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