The latest technology news week 24-2023

Here’s the latest weekly technology news from Microsoft, including updates on Azure, Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, VMware, and HashiCorp Terraform.



  • Azure Service Retirement workbook. Link
  • Azure Reliability workbook. You can evaluate the reliability of the posture of your applications, assess risks and plan improvements using the new Reliability workbook template, which is available in Azure Advisor. Link
  • What’s new with the Azure VMware Solution, June 2023. For example support for Stretched Clusters. Link
  • Important: Azure AD Graph Retirement and PowerShell Module Deprecation. Link
  • Azure AD recommendation: Migrate from the Azure Active Directory Library to the Microsoft Authentication Libraries. Link and Livestream that covers why and how to move from ADAL to MSAL. Link
  • Tutorial: Deploy self-hosted CI/CD runners and agents with Azure Container Apps jobs. Link
  • NVA Redundancy with Azure Internal Load Balancer. Link

Windows 10 & 11 updates

  • Windows 11 June 13, 2023 update KB5027231. Watch the video about this update. Link
  • Microsoft has fixed a known issue causing file copying and saving problems on systems running Windows 11, version 22H. Link
  • Windows 10 KB5026435 and KB5027215 updates. Link
  • KB5028407: How to manage the vulnerability associated with CVE-2023-32019. To mitigate the vulnerability associated with CVE-2023-32019, install the June 2023 Windows update or a later Windows update. By default, the fix for this vulnerability is disabled. To enable the fix, you must set a registry key value based on your Windows operating system. Link

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

  • New Azure Virtual Desktop client 1.2.4337 that fixes 2 CVEs. Link
  • What’s new in MSIX. Link
  • FSLogix SECRETS Every AVD Admin Should LEARN. Great video from the Azure Academy. Link
  • AVD Disaster Recovery. Link
  • OneDrive Clean-Up tool for Azure Virtual Desktop. Link

Windows 365

  • High-level architecture for Windows 365. Link

Microsoft 365

  • Administrative Template files (ADMX/ADML) for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise/Office LTSC 2021/Office 2019/Office 2016 and the Office Customization Tool for Office 2016. Link


  • Intune App Factory. Intune App Factory is an automated solution that combines the flexibility and power of Azure DevOps Pipelines together with the IntuneWin32App PowerShell module, intended to simplify and streamline the application packaging process in Intune. Link


  • VMSA-2023-0013 - VMware Tools update addresses Authentication Bypass vulnerability. Link . VMware Tools 12.2.5 can be downloaded here, Link
  • ESXi-Arm Fling 1.13 released. A small update with fixes and enhancements as well HA support with vCenter Server 8.0 and 8.0 Update 1. Link
  • Upgrade vSphere now: vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 end of technical guidance is coming this November 2023. Link
  • Virtual TPM (vTPM) introduction, design and Q&A technical paper. Link
  • Frequently Asked Questions about vSphere Releases. Link


  • Terraform 1.5 is now generally available, featuring a config-driven import workflow and a new language primitive for infrastructure validations. Link


  • Fortinet fixes critical RCE flaw in Fortigate SSL-VPN devices, patch now. Link
  • Ivanti Workspace Control version released. This release contains only some bug fixes. Link
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