The latest technology news week 25–2023

Here’s the latest weekly technology news from Microsoft, including updates on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, VMware, and HashiCorp Terraform.


Microsoft Azure

  • Azure AD Security Config Analyzer (AADSCA). Link
  • Graph PowerShell Conversion Analyzer. Get help converting your MSOnline and Azure AD PowerShell script to Graph PowerShell. Link
  • Azure AD Application Activity Report Analysis. Link
  • Mastering Azure Portal Admin: A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Cloud Management. Link
  • How to find unused Azure resources. Link
  • Premium SSD v2 storage is available. Link
  • Azure architecture icons. Link
  • Azure Landing Zone Accelerator for AVS: Streamline your Azure VMware Solution deployment with a central hub in Azure. Link
  • Conditional Access Documenter and Azure AD mind map. Link
  • Azure Tips and Tricks. Link
  • Updated Requirements for SMTP Relay through Exchange Online. Link
  • Microsoft shares a workaround for Outlook freezes and slow starts. Link


  • AVD Client Updates for version 1.2.4337. Link
  • Azure Virtual Desktop - Comparing Custom Image Templates to Nerdio Scripted Actions. Link
  • Want to test Azure Virtual Desktop on-prem? Here’s a guide taking you from 0 to a functional single node Azure Stack HCI cluster and Azure gallery images installed and added to your AVD environment. Link
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Insights Powered by the Azure Monitor Agent. Link
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Landing Zone Accelerator. Link

Windows 365

  • Move a cloud PC between regions (preview). Link


  • GitHub Actions tutorial. Link


  • How could you easily create new pre-configured Azure subscriptions that meet your organization’s specific needs? Link
  • DevOps Crash Course (Docker, Terraform, and Github Actions). Link
  • Set up your development environment on Windows. Link


  • Packer - TPM support for Hyper-V plugin. Link


  • Overview of the vSphere editions for the on-premises and hybrid workloads. Link
  • Frequently Asked Questions about vSphere Releases. Link
  • vCenter Server 8.0 U1b & 7.0 U3m is now available and addresses the most recent CVEs. VMware vCenter Server 7.0 Update 3m Release Notes. Link .  8.0 U1b Release Notes. Link
  • vSphere Certificate Management Questions & Answers. Link
  • Try the Free Migration Assessment with VMware Aria Migration. Link


  • Deployment patterns explained. Link
  • PSConfEU 2023 files & sessions. Link
  • The Importance of Updating Installed PowerShell Modules – And automate it too with my script. Link
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