The latest technology news week 26–2023

Here’s the latest weekly technology news from Microsoft, including updates on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, VMware, and HashiCorp Terraform.


Microsoft Azure

  • June 2023 update. Link
  • Azure Landing Zones Public Roadmap. Link
  • Azure AD Security Config Analyzer (AADSCA). Link
  • How to reset multi-factor authentication (MFA). Link
  • Announcing Trusted Launch as default in Azure Portal. Link
  • Using Resource Locks To Prevent Accidental Changes In Azure. Link

Microsoft AVD

  • Session hosts are not available in Azure Virtual Desktop, but VMs are running. Link
  • Test Azure Virtual Desktop on-prem? Link
  • Want To Accelerate Azure Virtual Desktop? Link
  • STOP Copying Files in AVD! DO This Instead. Link
  • Microsoft VDI Bill of Materials - AVD/Citrix on Azure/VMware Horizon on Azure. Link
  • Move on-premises Remote Desktop Services to Azure Virtual Desktop scenario. Link
  • It is not supported to roam the OneDrive registry hive as part of a non-persistent VDI environment. Link

Windows 365

  • Application Deployment in Windows 365 – Recommended Practices. Link


  • Azure access from GitHub and GitLab pipelines - without secrets. Link
  • The Awesome Azure DevOps repository contains a list of Azure DevOps content created by Microsoft and the community! Link


  • Terraform Best Practices: The 20 Practices You Should Adopt. Link


  • Evaluation Guide for VMware Horizon 8. Link
  • Lessons Learned with UAG Deployments for Workspace ONE. Link


  • PowerShell Client-Checker security script. Link
  • How to Send Emails Using Microsoft Graph PowerShell. Link
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