The latest technology news week 32-2023

The latest weekly technology news from Microsoft, VMware, and other partners with a focus on End User Computing (EUC).


Microsoft Azure

  • Generally available: Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier. Link
  • Public preview: Azure Storage Mover support for SMB and Azure Files. Link
  • Subscribe to the Azure Stack HCI Newsletter. Link
  • Azure managed disk types overview. Link
  • Azure Bastion. One does (still) not simply walk into my VNet!. Link

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) / VDI

  • Configure autoscaling for personal AVD host pools automated. Link
  • Onboard and configure Defender for Endpoint for non-persistent VDI environments. Link
  • The Az.Avd #PowerShell module is updated to version 3.1.0. Added personal Avd scaling plan commands. Link

Windows 365

  • Windows 365 Switch now available in public preview. Link
  • Join the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa) Windows 365 User Group. Link
  • Join the USA / United States and Latin Americas Windows 365 User Group. Link


  • Microsoft August 2023 Patch Tuesday warns of 2 zero-days, 87 flaws. Links
  • Windows 11 KB5029263 cumulative update released with 27 fixes. Link


  • Intune 2307 adds the capability to uninstall apps. Link

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Updating your PowerShell modules to the latest version plus cleaning up older versions. Link
  • What’s New in vSphere Automation: Infrastructure as Code. Link
  • What’s New in vSphere Automation: Power Actions. Link
  • Automate Nvidia vGPU Driver Upgrade using PowerShell for VMware Horizon. Link
  • PowerCLI Community Repository. Link
  • GO-EUC Lab files. Link
  • TFTUI - The Terraform textual UI. Link
  • Streamlining Software Deployments with Intune Win32 Apps, Winget & PowerShell!. Link


  • See the IaC section for updates.
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