The latest technology news Week 35-2023

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the hottest tech updates in the worlds of Azure, VMware, and other partners. In this series, we’ll be curating a collection of must-read articles, each offering a deep dive into the latest technological advancements, news, and trends within these cutting-edge platforms.


We understand that in today’s fast-paced tech landscape, staying informed is key. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. Each week, we’ll handpick the most insightful and informative articles that cover everything from Cloud, virtualization, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), DevOps to End User Computing breakthroughs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s top tech insights:

Microsoft Azure

  • The September Azure Back to School is started. Link
  • Azure VM insights is now Generally Available. Link
  • Azure Firewall: New Features and Region Availability. Link
  • A Quick and Easy Way to Add Renamable Display Names to Azure Resources. Link
  • Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), Plan for IP addressing. Link

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) / Windows 365 / VDI

  • What’s new in Windows 365 Enterprise, August 28, 2023? Link
  • Intune enrollment for Azure virtual desktop (AVD). Link
  • Use cases for Azure Virtual Desktop Insights. Link
  • AVD Community Newsletter – 31st August 2023. Link
  • Windows 365 Flexible Pricing – Control Your IT Costs. Link
  • Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure Stack HCI Series. Link
  • AppLocker for VDI Infrastructure (Citrix/WVD/Horizon). Link
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (MSRDC) Version 1.2.4577. Link


  • Remove Built-in Windows 11 apps leveraging a Cloud-Sourced reference file. Link


  • Microsoft 365 Defender Monthly news September 2023 edition. Link


  • Publish apps to Intune. Link
  • Intune Newsletter – 1st September 2023. Link
  • Deploy Driver updates using Intune. Link
  • Windows Start menu Creator Tool. Link
  • Application deployment in Windows 365: recommended practices. Link
  • Intune Debug Toolkit. Link
  • Intune RSS updates. Link
  • The Group Policy analytics tool is now generally available. Link

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) / DevOps

  • Update Office 365 with Azure Automation Runbook for IaaS — step-by-step. Link
  • Configurations I recommend you setup to deploy your Terraform into Azure at scale using GitHub Actions. Link
  • Update the Terraform providers in 5 seconds. Link
  • STOP! Don’t Use Azure DevOps Release Pipelines! Link
  • Use PowerShell to convert App-V to MSIX. Link
  • Using Hugging Face Code Autocomplete in VSCode to help with PowerShell and PowerCLI Scripts. Link
  • Using Automation Runbook Webhooks To Alert on Databricks Status Updates. Link
  • Entra Exporter 2.0 is now available. Link
  • Deploying Terraform Infrastructure to Azure using Azure DevOps Pipelines. Link
  • The PowerShell Best Practices and Style Guide. Link


  • ESXi-Arm Fling 1.14 Refresh. Link
  • VMware EUC Newsletter - Week 35. Link
  • Unified Access Gateway 2306.1 released. Link
  • VMware Tools updates address a SAML Token Signature Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2023-20900). Link
  • Download VMware Tools 12.3.0. Link
  • VMware vSphere+ announcing Early Availability of VMware ESXi Lifecycle Management Service. Link
  • Excalidraw - VMware architecture icons. Link


  • NVIDIA vGPU software R535 16.1 released. Link
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