The latest technology news Week 48-2023

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the hottest tech updates in the worlds of Azure, VMware, and other partners. In this series, we’ll be curating a collection of must-read articles, each offering a deep dive into the latest technological advancements, news, and trends within these cutting-edge platforms.


We understand that in today’s fast-paced tech landscape, staying informed is key. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. Each week, we’ll handpick the most insightful and informative articles that cover everything from Cloud, virtualization, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), DevOps to End User Computing breakthroughs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s top tech insights:

Microsoft 365

  • Entra App registration - Step-by step part 4. Learn more
  • What’s new in Active Directory. Learn more
  • Prevent AiTM with Microsoft Entra Global Secure Access and Conditional Access. Learn more

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Infrastructure Update - 1st of December 2023. Learn more
  • Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MRCA) documentation for December 2023! Learn more
  • Standard and High-Performance VPN Gateway SKUs will be retired on 30 September 2025. Learn more
  • Azure Business Continuity Guide. Learn more
  • Start Your Cloud Adoption Journey with the New Azure Expert Assessment Offering! Learn more

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) / Windows 365 / VMware Horizon / EUC

  • On-Demand Webinar: W365 and AVD | Which Solution is Right for Your Business. Learn more
  • VMware EUC Newsletter - Week 48. Learn more
  • Weekly Newsletter – 25th of November to 1st of December 2023. Learn more
  • What’s new in MSIX: November 2023. Learn more
  • MSIX and app attach made easy. Learn more
  • AVD Community Newsletter – 30th November 2023. Learn more
  • Removed All The Apps in AVD…Here’s What Happened. Learn more
  • SSO for Azure Virtual Desktop with AD users. Learn more
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Well-Architected Framework. Learn more
  • Windows 365 hands-on episode 2: Using Passkeys with Windows 365. Learn more
  • Securing Windows in the cloud for Cloud PCs & Cloud VDI. Learn more
  • Personal Desktop Autoscale on Azure Virtual Desktop generally available. Learn more
  • Horizon Cloud Next-Gen Service TrueSSO with Microsoft Enterprise Certificate Authority. Learn more
  • VMware Horizon 2212.2 (8.8.2) ESB available. Learn more

Microsoft 365 Defender / Sentinel

  • Simplifying Onboarding to Microsoft Defender for Cloud with Terraform. Learn more


  • Getting Started with the IntuneCLI, an Automated Intune Management Solution. Learn more
  • Coming to the Microsoft Intune Suite - Microsoft Cloud PKI! Learn more
  • Modern management or Windows 11? It’s more about “and” than “or”. Learn more

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) / DevOps

  • Azure Terraform Export Tool - What’s New? Learn more
  • Monitor git secrets on Azure DevOps with Gitleaks. Learn more
  • 365AutomatedLab 1.1.0, This module will allow you to create a 365 Development Environment from an Excel workbook. Learn more
  • Run Dev Containers without Docker on Windows 11. Learn more
  • GitHub Copilot – November 30th Update. Learn more
  • Azure DevOps concepts. Learn more
  • Azure Deployment Stacks. Learn more
  • Azure DevOps Server 2022.1 RTW now available. Learn more


  • BDRSuite by Vembu, named G2 leader in Server backup and high performer in online Backup, solidifying its position as the #1 cost-effective backup & recovery software globally. Learn more

VMware by Broadcom


  •  Windows 10 22H2 Copilot in preview. Learn more
  • The first Windows Server 2012/R2 ESU Patches are out! Are you protected? Learn more
  • Clear Teams 2.1 Cache (Windows 11). Learn more
  • WinGet community repository frequently asked questions (FAQs). Learn more