The latest technology news Week 50-2023

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the hottest tech updates in the worlds of Azure, VMware, and other partners. In this series, we’ll be curating a collection of must-read articles, each offering a deep dive into the latest technological advancements, news, and trends within these cutting-edge platforms.


We understand that in today’s fast-paced tech landscape, staying informed is key. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. Each week, we’ll handpick the most insightful and informative articles that cover everything from Cloud, virtualization, Infrastructure As Code (IaC), DevOps to End User Computing breakthroughs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s top tech insights:

Microsoft 365

  • Effective file management with the next generation of OneDrive app for Microsoft Teams. Learn more
  • Simplify Resource Access with Entra Access Packages. Learn more
  • Microsoft Entra Private Access protections for on-premises & private cloud network resources. Learn more

Microsoft Azure

  • The Festive Tech Calendar 2023. Learn more
  • Azure Infrastructure Update - 15th of December 2023. Learn more
  • Windows Server upgrade and migration, on-prem, to and in Azure! Learn more
  • Azure Landing Zones - External Community Call - December 2023. Learn more
  • Public Preview: New AMD-based VMs with Increased Performance, Azure Boost, and NVMe Support. Learn more

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) / Windows 365 / VMware Horizon / EUC

  • Weekly Newsletter – 9th of December to 15th of December 2023. Learn more
  • AVD Community Newsletter – 14th December 2023. Learn more
  • Automating cleanup Entra Joined AVD hosts. Learn more
  • The VDI Design Guide Part 2 is completely free. Learn more
  • Weekly Digest for End User Computing. Learn more
  • Advanced Device Redirection (in AVD, W365, and RDS). Learn more
  • Week 50-2023 VMware Enduser Computing Updates. Learn more
  • EUC Newsletter - Week 50. Learn more.
  • Application Deployment Options for AVD and W365 & MAM for Windows. Learn more


  • What’s new in Microsoft Intune. Learn more
  • Intune Windows app size (to upload) is now limited to 30Gb/App instead off 8Gb. Learn more

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) / DevOps

  • Platform Engineering: The Big Technical Picture. Learn more
  • Updates to Azure DevOps Demo Generator and Labs. Learn more
  • Playwright Testing and GitHub Actions Tutorial: Run Your Playwright Tests on Every Code Commit. Learn more
  • Simplify getting started with Bicep through easy to digest examples. Learn more
  • Azure Bicep monthly updates — December 2023. Learn more
  • Write Better PowerShell – You’re Out of Excuses. Learn more
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Cloud Migrations: Azure, IaC, DevOps, Terraform, Pipelines w/ Sai Gunaranjan. Learn more
  • Bicep Community Call - December ‘23. Learn more


  • BDRSuite forms Strategic Partnership with Datta Tech consulting to redefine data protection Across the America, offering cost-effective backup solutions that is unmatched in the market. Learn more

VMware by Broadcom

  • VMware by Broadcom Dramatically Simplifies Offer Lineup and Licensing Model. Learn more
  • ESXi-Arm Fling 1.15 Refresh. Learn more
  • Solve the Blank Page Problem! VCDX Documentation Examples. Learn more
  • VMware discovered a Change Block Tracking (CBT) bug affecting all backup vendors when using vSphere 8.0 U2. Learn more
  • Terraform VMware Cloud Director Provider v3.11.0. Learn more
  • New home for VMware by Broadcom Flings. Learn more
  • Creating & Remediating Image Based Clusters with VMware PowerCLI. Learn more
  • [VCSA] SHA1 Certificates not supported with vCenter 8.0. Learn more
  • The VMware Explore Video Library: Discover A Wealth of Knowledge. Learn more


  • Microsoft unveils new, more secure Windows Protected Print Mode. Learn more
  • Windows 10 KB5033372 update released with Copilot for everyone, 20 changes. Learn more
  • Microsoft December 2023 Patch Tuesday fixes 34 flaws, 1 zero-day. Learn more
  • Windows Admin Center version 2311 is now generally available! Learn more


  • Generative AI for Beginners - A Course. Learn more
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