The latest technology news - April 2024

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the hottest tech updates in the worlds of Azure (Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud PC. infrastructure), VMware (SDDC and EUC), GitHub, HashiCorp, Azure DevOps and other partners. In this series, we’ll have a collection of must-read articles, each offering a deep dive into the latest technological advancements, news, and trends within these cutting-edge platforms.


We understand that in today’s fast-paced tech landscape, staying informed is key! That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. Each month, we’ll handpick the most insightful and informative articles that covers:

  • DAAS / VDI / End User Computing (EUC) and Endpoint management
  • Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure As Code (IaC) /DevOps

So let’s dive into this month’s top tech insights.


Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

  • AVD Community April newsLetters. Learn more
  • Unveiling the True Cost: Single-User vs. Multi-User Sessions in Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Learn more
  • Curated resiliency recommendations for Azure Virtual Desktop. Learn more
  • Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI. Learn more
  • Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI now has autoscale. Learn more
  • Use Custom Image Templates in Azure Virtual Desktop and never patch session hosts again? Learn more
  • Create a scaling plan for a personal host pool with Terraform. Learn more
  • How to configure the URI Scheme for AVD. Learn more
  • Roll your own AVD on HCI deployment – Part 1: The Gear. Learn more
  • Roll your own AVD on HCI deployment – Part 2: The Plan & Identity. Learn more
  • Roll your own AVD on HCI deployment – Part 3: The Deployment. Learn more
  • Roll your own AVD on HCI deployment – Part 4: Turn it up! Learn more
  • Maximizing Cost Savings: Azure Virtual Desktop Hibernation Mode Explained. Learn more
  • Citrix vs Azure Virtual Desktop on-premises what’s the cost difference? Learn more

Windows 365 (W365) / CloudPC

  • The latest weekly W365 newsletter. Learn more
  • What’s new in Windows 365 Enterprise. Learn more
  • What’s new in Windows 365 Business. Learn more
  • What is Windows 365 Frontline? Learn more
  • HP Anyware extends Windows 365 Cloud PCs to new audiences. Learn more
  • Learning path: MD-015 Implement Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Learn more
  • Introduction Graph APIS for Windows 365. Learn more
  • Windows in the Cloud episodes. Learn more
  • Windows 365 A Deep Dive & Sneak Preview. Learn more

VMware EUC / Horizon / Omnissa

  • Introducing Omnissa, the former VMware End-User Computing business. Learn more
  • System Migration Changes Impacting Workspace ONE and Horizon Customers (97841). Learn more
  • VMware End-User Computing TechCon 2024 June 26, 2024. Learn more
  • VMware Enduser Computing Updates. Learn more
  • EUC weekly news blog. Learn more
  • Omnissa EUC can continue to offer the “combined offering” versions of Horizon SaaS and Horizon Term licenses with vSphere foundation for VDI (vSphere, vCenter and vSAN). Learn more
  • Support and Configuration of New Teams as a Horizon Published App (97785). Learn more
  • Issue with DEM FTA and Default Browser settings post applying Feb24/March24 Monthly windows patches(KB5035845) (97169). Learn more


  • Andrew Taylor weekly Intune newsletter. Learn more
  • What’s new in Microsoft Intune: April 2024. Learn more
  • What’s new in Microsoft Intune (2403+2404). Learn more
  • IntuneManagement with PowerShell and WPF UI. Learn more
  • OpenIntuneBaseline. This baseline was to develop a single-import “policy set” which covered all necessary configuration to provide a secure Windows device with minimal engineering effort. Learn more
  • PSADT Deployment Editor. Learn more
  • IntuneAssistant IntuneCLI updates. Learn more

MSIX App Attach / WinGet

  • Release notes for the MSIX Packaging Tool. Learn more


  • Features currently not available and known issues in VDI with the new Teams. Learn more


  • The DAASLIKEAPRO – State of the Union 2024 – 2025 survey is now open. Learn more
  • Unlock the Future of End-User Computing with the EUC Hexagrid by Ruben Spruijt. Learn more

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft 365 / AD

  • You can add (up to 5) additional * fallback domains in Microsoft 365. Learn more
  • All Roads to Entra ID SSO. Learn more
  • Introducing “What’s New” in Microsoft Entra. Learn more
  • Group writeback with Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync (Preview). Learn more
  • Conditional Access Framework. Learn more
  • Automate your onboarding with Power Automate Part 2. Learn more

Microsoft Azure

  • New and improved network topology experience in Network Watcher and Azure Monitor Network Insights. Learn more
  • Network traffic observability with virtual network flow logs. Learn more
  • Implementing a Sandbox Environment in Microsoft Azure. Learn more
  • Azure Academy - Log Analytics agent will be deprecated by Augstus 2024. Learn more
  • Deploying a Hub & Spoke with Azure Network Manager. Learn more
  • How to Build Resilient Systems on Azure. Learn more
  • Fault Domains vs. Availability Zones with Azure VMs.Learn more


  • Windows Server 2025: The upgrade and update experience. Learn more
  • Automate on-premises Windows Server from the cloud using Azure Arc. Learn more
  • Microsoft options for VMware migration. Learn more
  • Cloud operations for Windows Server through Azure Arc. Learn more
  • What’s new in Windows Server 2025. Learn more
  • Plan for Hyper-V scalability in Windows Server. Learn more
  • Reducing Windows 10, version 22H2 monthly LCU package size. Learn more
  • Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you. Learn more

VMware by Broadcom

  • Zero Day (i.e., Critical) Security Patches for vSphere (7.x and 8.x) Perpetual License Customers with Expired Support Contracts (97805). Learn more
  • VMware to Broadcom Support Transition Guide. Learn more
  • VMware Support Transition to Broadcom. Learn more
  • 32-bit Windows VMs fail to boot after Windows Security Update (CVE-2023-24932) (97541). Learn more
  • Ansible Playbook for Creating Multiple VMs with Sequential Naming in vCenter.Learn more
  • The Beta release of the new VMware Host Client is available. Learn more
  • VMware Cloud Foundation 5.x Posters! Learn more

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) / DevOps


  • Unleashing GitHub Copilot for Infrastructure as Code. Learn more
  • What’s new in GitHub blog. Learn more
  • The GitHub Community Roundup. Learn more
  • How to glitz up your GitHub profile and advance your career. Learn more
  • GitHub Foundations Certification – Exam Prep Guide. Learn more
  • What’s new for GitHub Actions hosted runners. Learn more


Hashicorp Terraform

  • Terraform 1.8 released. Learn more
  • Terraform 1.8: Provider Defined Functions with Bruno Schaatsbergen. Learn more
  • Using Terraform tfvars for environment-agnostic deployments. Learn more
  • Terraform – Removing Orphaned Session Hosts from an Azure Virtual Desktop Hostpool Learn more
  • Terraform Authoring and Operations Professional Certification - PREVIEW. Learn more
  • Terraforming Azure: Boldly Going Beyond ‘azurerm’ with Mark Tinderholt. Learn more

Hashicorp Packer

  • HashiCorp Packer – azure-arm and Domain-Join Issue with WinRM. Learn more
  • Packer – Azure CLI authentication. Learn more

PowerShell / Azure Cloud Shell / Bicep

  • Master Azure Bicep Modules: A Comprehensive Guide. Learn more
  • Announcing a new login experience with Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI. Learn more
  • Configure federated identity between GitHub and Azure with PowerShell. Learn more
  • Report from which PowerShell module the cmdlets are from. Learn more
  • Document All Azure Private DNS Zones. Learn more
  • Your first contribution to Azure Verified Modules. Learn more
  • Unlocking Secrets: A Guide to Windows Credential Manager in PowerShell. Learn more



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