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Display the maximum concurrent connected users in VMware Horizon View with PowerCLI

VMware Horizon View generates everyday at 5 minutes for midnight an event how many concurrent users connected to View that day. This information can be useful for example when when investing trends. When the Event database in the VMware Horizon View Administrator is configured, this information can …

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Create a signed certificate for VMware View Connection Servers using a Windows Server 2012 CA

For VMware Horizon View it is recommends that you configure your VMware View Horizon Servers with a signed SSL certificate. Default when you install a VMware View Horizon servers, a certificate is generated that is not signed by a CA. Because it is not signed by a CA It is possible to to intercept …

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Tips for implementing a VMware Horizon View Security Server

A security server is a special instance of View Connection Server that runs a subset of View Connection Server functions. You can use a security server to provide an additional layer of security between the internet and your internal network. A security server resides within a DMZ and acts as a …

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