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Identify NICs in Hyper-V 2012

In a Hyper-V cluster are normally a lot of NICs involved. Identifying the right can be challenging. It is important to consequently label your network adapters on all the servers in the Hyper-V cluster. In Windows Server 2012 there are PowerShell Cmdlets that can be used for identifying NICs. Once …

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Intel X79 whitebox for vSphere 5 and Hyper-V 3

In an earlier blog post (found here ) I mentioned that it is time for a new homebrew whitebox based on the Intel X79 chipset. With the X79 chipset it is possible to install 64GB of memory (8 x 8 GB). Because the 8 GB DIMMs are expensive on the moment, I decided to use 8 x 4GB DIMMs (total 32GB). I …

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Hyper-V and hibernate

For my MS Hyper-V home server I want to hibernate every day between 12.30 and 07.00 am. When the Hyper-V role is installed, it is not possible to use the hibernate function. The following steps make it possible to automatic hibernate the system and when it wake up, the Hyper-V service and the VM(s) …

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