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Patch a VMware ESXI host with the ESXCLI command and choose the right image profile

When installing a patch on a VMware ESXi host using the ESXCLI command you need to specify the image profile that is available in the ESXi patch. Here are the steps for patching a VMware ESXi host with the correct image profile: Go to the Customer Connect Patch Downloads page. Download the patch …

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VMware ESXi Broadcom data corruption problem with the tg3 driver. Check your environment!

VMware has released a new KB article (2072515) on possible data corruption with Broadcom adapters that use the tg3 driver. This problem can occur when: The system is configured with greater than 4 GB RAM TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO) is enabled on the adapter The system is running ESXi/ESX 3.5, …

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Troubleshoot VMware View Security Server PCoIP port problems

Recently I had to troubleshoot a VMware View Client connection problem. In a new VMware View environment the customer has installed a VMware Horizon View Security Server for the external connections. When a external View Client tried to connect through the Security Server using the PCoIP protocol to …

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