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What's new in VMware vSphere 7

vSphere 7 is built for supporting modern applications and the hybrid cloud. In the coming years, enterprises will build more and more applications using cloud-native tools and methods. There is a lot more complexity in deploying and managing modern applications. vSphere 7 with Kubernetes (formerly …

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What to check before upgrading to vSphere 6.5

Last week vSphere 6.5 was released (GA). This release has a lot of new cool features (see this link for more information). In the past I saw vSphere environments that are upgraded without proper preparation resulting in a rollback because compatibility issues with hard-or software. So I created a …

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Identify the Single Sign-On (SSO) deployment method for the vCenter Server

With vSphere 5.5 you have the following deployment methods for Single Sign-On (SSO): vCenter Single Sign-On for your first vCenter Server vCenter Single Sign-On for an additional vCenter Server in an existing site (formerly HA Cluster) vCenter Single Sign-On for an additional vCenter Server with a …

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