After upgrading to vCenter Server 5, “com.vmware.converter” alert

After upgrading to vCenter 5, the vCenter Service Status page displays the following error:


com.vmware.converter alert unable to retrieve health data from https:///converter/health.xml

This error occurs because the integrated vCenter Converter plug-in is no longer available in vSphere 5!  To solve this error  following the VMware KB article listed below:

Error after upgrading to vCenter Server 5.0: com.vmware.converter alert unable to retrieve health data – KB: 2006132

After following the KB article, the  converter plug-in is removed from the vCenter Service Status page.


Optimize the disk(s) and partition(s) on your VM by using VMware Converter 5

By using VMware Converter 5 the following disk optimizations can be easily done on your existing VM:

– Convert one or more partition(s) on single disk to partitions on a separate disks. When you want to increase disk space on the C: partition this is a problem because of the D partition is on the same disk.


– Resize one or more partition(s)

– Align on or more disks. (not needed anymore for Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows Vista  or greater). This example shows a partition that is not aligned


– Adjust the cluster size

V2V procedure:

– Power down the VM

– In VMware Converter select “Convert Machine”

– Follow the instructions on the screen till you got the options screen

– Edit the “Data to copy


– Change the “Data copy type” from “Copy all disks and maintain layout” in

Select volumes to copy”.


– Select “Advanced” and choose the “Destination” layout

– Change the disk size (in the example we change the C-partition to 30GB)

– Use “Add Disk”, the VirtualDisk2 is created.

– Move the partition down (in the example the E: partition)

– Be sure that the “Create optimized partition layout” option is selected for all the disks.  VMware Converter optimize the disk partitions alignment”

– The cluster size in this example at the default value


– After the V2V the VM has 2 disks, the partition size is increased and both disk are aligned.


Check the disk alignment by using msinfo32.exe


VMware Converter 5.0 is available as public beta and can be found here.