TrainSignal VMware vSphere Pro Series Vol .1


TrainSignal has released  a new video training called “VMware vSphere Pro Series Vol .1”. Three vExperts covers topics about VMware View and ThinApp, VMware PowerCLI and the Cisco Nexus 1000V.

VMware View & ThinApp Presented by David Davis covers the following topics:

  • View Overview and introduction
  • Installing VMware View 4
  • Deploying Virtual Desktops with View
  • Automated Virtual Desktop Deployment with View Pools
  • Adding a Terminal Services Pool in View
  • Understanding View Composer Linked Clones
  • Introduction to ThinApp 4
  • Installing ThinApp
  • Virtualizing Applications with ThinApp

Managing VMware vSphere with PowerCLI presented by Hal Rottenberg covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to PowerCLI,
  • Powershell Basic
  • PowerCLI Concepts
  • PowerCLI in the Real World
  • PowerCLI Cmdlet Deep dives

Cisco Nexus 1000V – VMware vSphere Third-Party Virtual Distributed Switch presented by Rick Scherer covers the following topics:

  • Getting Started with Nexus 1000V
  • Integrating the Cisco Nexus 1000V with vCenter server
  • High Availability Options for the Cisco Nexus 1000V
  • Configuring Port Profiles on the Cisco Nexus 1000V

The VMware vSphere Pro Series Vol .1 video package contains:

  • 20 Videos (10 hrs: 39mins: 50secs) will be provided in High-Quality AVI and WMV format. In other words, you get perfect quality and replication of your instructors’ screens. An easy-to-use table of contents allows you to navigate to key areas you wish to focus on
  • Instant Access to all 20 Videos (10 hrs: 39mins: 50secs) in Train Signal’s My Online Training section. These high resolution videos allow you to access any and all of this award winning training in just moments. No need to wait for the DVDs to arrive to get started learning. You can be watching video in just moments and it’s all included for free.
  • 20 iPod video files to watch Train Signal on the go! A popular request amongst our students who wish to study while they commute (i.e. train, plane, bus). These 320×240 M4V files are compressed versions of the original course, and play on any iPod that supports video. Also great for reviewing and refreshing your mind "on the job."
  • 20 MP3 audio files to listen to Train Signal anytime, anywhere. Some of our students have requested this option. Now, you can listen in the car or while working out. Our MP3 files can be burnt to a CD or copied to a portable device
  • Instructor Notes – These PDF documents, which can be printed out, contain the slides used by the instructors throughout the videos. These documents allow the user a quick easy reference to the instructors’ notes on the slides, and provides a place to make additional notes.

The content presented by the VMware vExperts in  the video’s is very good. If you want to know more about VMware View and ThinApp, PowerCLI or the Cisco Nexus 1000V this is a must see video package!   For more information about this training video and watch a demo go to the TrainSignal website by clicking here.


Change NIC speed and duplex setting to AUTO in ESX4 using PowerCLI


When you install VMware ESX 4 by using the default installation method from for example the DVD, the NIC speed  and duplex setting are set to fixed for each NIC. This means that the network switch port must be set to fixed too. In VMware ESX 3 the default NIC mode was Auto Negotiate In the vCenter clients this looks like:


You can easily change the NIC speed and duplex settings to auto Negotiate for all NICs in the ESX host by using PowerCLI. This can be done by using the  following one-liner: 

Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter | Set-VMHostNetworkAdapter –AutoNegotiate

Be sure when you execute this command in production environment, that the VMware ESX hosts is in maintenance mode!



VMworld Europe 2009


I’m  ready for VMworld 2009. I packed my clothes, charge the telephone, laptop, photo camera and the MP3 player.

I go with two colleagues from our company, we fly on tomorrow (Monday) from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 10.50. 

I have made a personal list with the session (and meetings/parties) who got my interest. There are lot interesting hands-on labs but the are not on the session list .



I try to blog from VMworld, if i have some spare time :-).