Healthcheck Powershell script on number six!

The Healthcheck Powershell script I wrote for the VMware Powershell scripting contest is on 6th position on the “Top 10 Powershell scripts that VMware administrators should use” from Eric Siebert. Eric is the administrator of  the site that has the largest VMware link collection on the web.

I was today at the Dutch VMUG event and attended  the presentation  from Eric Sloof “Managing VI3 with Powershell“.  I saw in his presentation that I was on the 6th place. Cool. I think Eric’s presentation was was the best session of the day.

Read the entire article here.


VI Toolkit Extensions

Today I tested the VI Toolkit extensions.  The VI Toolkit extensions are cmdlets that makes your life easier. Here are some functions of what the cmdlets can do:


The VI toolkit extensions require PowerShell V2 CTP 2 and the VI Toolkit. The VI toolkit extension can be downloaded @


list all VMs by name and list the size of the snapshots

– Open VI-toolkit

– Connect-VIserver VCservername

– To add the extension, use the following command:

Add-Module “D:\Scripts\viToolkitExtensions.psm1”

Get-VM | Get-TkeSnapshotExtended | select Name, VM, SizeMB



Winners VI toolkit scripting contest

The winners of the VI toolkit scripting contest are announced:

– The first prize goes to LucD for his Guest Provisioning System script.

– The Second prize goes to tzamora for his VMware Infrastructure Power Documenter script.

– The Third prize goes to Dan Baskette with his PowerVDI script.

The Healthcheck script that i created has not won 🙁

You can read the rest @ the VMware Powershell Blog

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