vRealize Log Insight 3.3 available for free

VMware released vRealize Log Insight 3.3. vRealize Log Insight is a log monitoring and analytics dashboarding tool like Splunk.


In version 3.3 a new product license is added. For each vCenter Server Standard license you will get a free 25 OSI pack license for vRealize Log Insight. So every customer with a vCenter standard license can use vRealize Log Insight with no additional costs. OSI stands for Operating System Instance. For example 1 vCenter Server and 10 ESXi hosts counts as 11 OSI licenses. With a 25 OSI pack, 14 licenses are available for monitoring other devices or Operating Systems (Windows and Linux).


vRealize Log Insight 3.3 is available as appliance and can be downloaded here, link. The appliance is installed and configured within 15 minutes.


In the appliance enter the license number of the vCenter Server standard license. There is no additional license needed.


One vCenter Standard license is limited to 25 OSIs and  only Content Pack published by VMware can be installed.


In order to enable other non VMware Content Packs, you’ll need to purchase a full-feature license for Log Insight.

vRealize Log Insight is a log analyzer and troubleshoot tool that is available for every vCenter Standard customer. A great way to get a better view of the VMware vSphere environment you’re hosting.

vRealize Operations Manager error “javax.naming.NameNotFoundException”

After upgrading vRealize Operations Manager to version 6.1 the Horizon View metrics are not collected anymore. On the Horizon View Connection Server where the vRealize broker agent is installed the following error is displayed in the logs:

vRealize Operations Manager broker error "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException"
ERROR   BrokerPoll message sending error: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: V4V-BrokerMessageServer

The logs can be found in the following location on the Horizon View Connection broker:

c:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenter Operations for View\logs\v4v_broker_agent_cfg.... log

To resolve this error you need to restart the collector service on the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance. Run the following steps:

  • Open a console session on of the vRealize Operations Manager collector node (SSH is disabled by default)
  • Press ALT- F1 in the console session
  • Log in as root user with no password
  • Change the password the first time
  • Restart the collector service by using the following command:
service vmware-vcops restart collector

It can take serveral minutes to pair the Broker Agent with the Horizon View adapter.

The SSH Service on the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance is disabled by default. To enable and start the SSH service use the following commands:

  • Start the SSH service
service sshd start
  • To configure SSH to start automatically
chkconfig sshd on
  • Check the status of the SSH service