VMware Tools pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers delivered by Windows Update

Today I was updating a Windows Server 2016 template VM with Windows Updates. During the update, I notice that the pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers are updated by the Windows Updates process.

In 10.3.10 of VMware Tools, the pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers available through Windows Update for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 Operating Systems. This means that the pvscsi and vmxnet3 drivers are updated as part of the Windows Updating process. This reduces the number of reboots needed.

So make sure that all the Windows Server 2016 and 2019 VMs have at least version 10.3.10 (or higher) of the VMware Tools installed to reduce the number of reboots.

Export VMware Horizon pool settings

I created a simple PowerShell script that exports all the pool settings on a Horizon Connection Server and saves them in a separate JSON file. To run this script follow the requirements below:

  • Download the script from my GitHub page.
  • Edit the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ script and enter the correct file location in the ‘$fileloc’ variable. The default file location is c:\temp
  • Download the VMware.Hv.Helper module (link)
  • Copy the VMware.Hv.Helper module to the module location. Use the ‘$env:PSModulePath’ PowerShell command to list the module path(s)
  • Run the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ script in PowerShell

After the ‘Export-HorPool.ps1’ scrript has run all the pool settings are exported to a JSON file.

“Logon As Current User” and the “AD domain list” options default disabled after a VMware Horizon upgrade

When upgrading a VMware Horizon Connection server to version 7.8 or higher the following message appears during the upgrade.

This means the following settings are disabled after the upgrade:

  • Login As Current User will no longer work when selecting the “Log in as current user” in the Horizon Client
  • List of user domains will be withheld from Horizon clients

With this option, the Active Directory domain name is not visible and replace *DefaultDomain*

These settings are disabled to improve security but sometimes after a Horizon environment upgrade one or more settings needs re-enabled again. Here are the steps to enable these settings:

Enabling Login As Current User

Allow the Connection Server to accept logon as current user authentication

  1. Open: https://fqdn/admin
  2. Enter the user name and password
  3. Click on “View Configuration” and select Servers
  4. Select the Connection Servers tab
  5. Select the Connection Server and click on Edit
  6. Select the Authentication tab
  7. Scroll down the bottom and select “Accept logon as current user”
  8. Click on OK

Repeat steps 5-8 for each VMware Horizon Connection Server.

Enabling the domain list in the Horizon Client

  1. Open: https://fqdn/admin
  2. Enter the user name and password
  3. Click on “View Configuration” and  Edit the “Global Settings”
  4. Scroll down and select “Send domain list”
  5. Click on OK

After enabling this global setting the Active Directory domain is visible again and it is possible to select another AD domain.