What VMware Horizon View PowerCLI features you like to see?

PowerCLI 6.0 R1 is released with some cool new features. One thing I missed in this announcement is improvements in the PowerCLI support for VMware Horizon View. The latest release of VMware Horizon View 6.1 still has NO PowerCLI improvements! This is a huge bummer because PowerCLI is very limited in VMware Horizon View.

On the VMware PowerCLI Blog the following statement is written (link):
Each new release tends to have several features or enhancements that have been asked for by YOU, our customers. These new features come to us by way of interaction at events like VMworld, Partner Exchange, VMUG Conferences, Twitter, Email, and customer visits. What better way to show our customers that we listen then by adding in features they ask for? This release does not disappoint! Thank you to all who provide feedback and help us continue to improve this great tool.
So we must provide feature request feedback to the PowerCLI team to improve PowerCLI for VMware Horizon View!
I have the following feature requests:
  • Ability to run from remote systems
  • Creating and exporting desktop pools with all the settings available as in the GUI (Horizon View Administrator)
  • Available as module
  • Getting the Health overview as in the VMware Horizon View Administrator
  • Filter on the desktop status such as problem desktops, agent unreachable, deleting, missing, disconnected, available etc.
  • Filter pools and display the amount of desktops that are used, available desktops, headroom and total desktops.
  • Check the ADAM replication between the Connection Servers
  • Search and filter the Event database on error and warnings
  • Add or remove a VM to a manual pool
  • Send messages to desktops
Please let me know what features request you have by placing a comment in this blog post, even if it is already mention. All the feature requests will be bundled and forwarded to the PowerCLI team. I hope to see some of the feature requests in the next release of PowerCLI for VMware Horizon View.
Looking forward for your feature requests!

Easily fix VMware Horizon View desktop provisioning errors

Sometimes you are unable to remove linked clones or stale desktop entries from  the VMware Horizon View Administrator.  In this example we have a missing VM in the VMware Horizon View Administrator.

1 2

When trying to remove the VM from the VMware Horizon View Administrator the following error is generated:

Failed to remove VM…… from the View Composer Inventory

To remove the orphaned missing VM, you need to manually, remove the orphaned records from the ADAM and composer database, AD and vCenter Server. The process is described in the following KB:

  • Manually deleting linked clones or stale virtual desktop entires KB, link

Executing the procedure described in the KB can be a risky. VMware has released a new tool (fling) called “ViewDBChk”. The ViewDBChk tool allows administrators to scan and fix provisioning errors that can not be addressed using the VMware Horizon View Administrator. This tool is supported on VMware Horizon View 5.3 and 6.0. Fling tools are not supported by VMware!  For Horizon View 6.1 and later, the ViewDbChk tool is included with your View Connection Server installation!

More information

Fling ViewDbChk can be found here, link

VMware vCloud suite 5.8 and Horizon View 6.0.1 product updates

Yesterday ( 9 September 2014)  VMware released updates to the vCloud Suite 5.8 suite and VMware Horizon View components.  Here is a overview of the updated products: