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HP AMS driver problem in ESXi 5.x

The last weeks several customers contacted me that one or more ESXi hosts are not manageable anymore. The ESXi host has the following symptoms: Unable to manage using the vSphere Client, Web Client or SSH. Unable to perform a vMotion On the ESXi console there is a message: can’t fork Enable …

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vSphere 5.x NIC problems

Last week ik blogged about the “Broadcom adapter data corruption on ESXi/ESX hosts using the tg3 driver and TSO enabled” NIC problem. Link This week I found two new vSphere NIC issues worth to mention: Hosts with virtual machines using the E1000/E1000E adapter have networking issues after upgrading …

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After upgrading vSphere 4 to 5 the Fusion-IO card is in minimal mode

Last week I did a VMware vSphere and VMware View 4 to 5 upgrade. The ESXi servers for the VMware View environment uses Fusion-IO (HP IO Accelerators) PCI flash cards for there non-persistent VDI pools. After the upgrade to vSphere 5.1 I imported the latest Fusion-IO drivers and created a baseline in …

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