This page is dedicated to tools, eBooks, and other interesting links.

VMware ResourcesPage with an overview of VMware resources I frequently useLink
NVIDIA Virtual GPU releasesOverview of the NVIDIA vGPU releasesLink
VMware Product ResourcesList of handy VMware resourcesLink
Windows 10 Enterprise en Education lifecycleWindows 10 Enterprise en Education lifecycleLink
Windows 10 lifecycle fact sheetWindows 10 lifecycle fact sheetLink
Windows 10 releases informationWindows 10 releases informationLink
Windows 10 release information Enterprise and EducationWindows 10 Enterprise and Education follows the Modern Lifecycle PolicyLink
Windows 10 known issuesWindows 10 known issuesLink
Microsoft Office 365 licensing overviewMicrosoft Office 365 license overviewLink
Veeam KBLatest Veeam KB articlesLink
Veeam Backup CalculatorVeeam Backup CalculatorLink
Veeam VMware supportVeeam Backup & Replication support for VMware vSphereLink
Microsoft PortalsMicrosoft Portals overviewLink
VMware Tools downloadVMware Tools downloadLink
HPE Software Delivery RepositoryHPE Software Delivery RepositoryLink
HPE ESXi Offline BundleHPE Offline bundle for VMware ESXi includes HPE CIM ProvidersLink
Remote Display AnalyzerAnalyze and change display protocol settings on the flyLink
Connection Experience IndicatorConnection Experience Indicator for RDS, AVD & W365Link
Citrix VMware supportSupported Hypervisors for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and ProvisioningLink
AVD MSRD-CollectThis script is designed to collect information that will help Microsoft
Customer Support Services (CSS) troubleshoot an issue you may be experiencing with
Azure Virtual Desktop or Remote Desktop Services
Microsoft Commands and portal overviewpopular links for Microsoft portal pagesLink
Azure StatusDisplay the status of the Azure ServicesLink